Disney Epic Mickey Impressions

I’ve been playing the game and thought to post some of my impressions.  Keep in mind that these impressions are based on one hour of play time.

Graphics: I really dig the art style that they went with here. It has a Tim Burton-like quality I wasn’t really expecting.  More than anything I really like Epic Mickey’s unconventional color palette. Junction Point went with colors that you wouldn’t typically expect in a game starring Mickey Mouse.  The use of purples and neon blues and greens really add to the darker-than-usual-for-a-Disney game atmosphere.

Sound: Really digging the music. There is some of it that sounds vintage Disney and other bits of it that sound original. I’m enjoying most of it so far, but I’m really early to judge for sure.

One thing I’m really disappointed with is the lack of voice acting. It would have been awesome to hear Mickey Mouse actually voice his lines during the cutscenes! They are pretty damn cool and would have added a lot to it IMO, especially considering that the subtitles go pretty fast, guaranteeing that my 8 year old son might not be able to keep up with it. All you get is Rare like sounds that emote what they are feeling.

Gameplay: I can definitely see where the complaints about the camera are coming from. I’m honestly not having a REALLY hard time with the camera, but I really wish that they would have gone the route of Metroid Prime Trilogy and had the camera pan around as you aimed the reticule around the edges of the screen. I find myself doing this instinctively at times and it would have helped with aiming the camera up and down since it’s a little on the uncomfortable side to reach and press up and down on the Wii Remote’s D-pad (which acts like an analog stick).  Using the D-pad as an analog stick does take a little getting used to.

Centering the camera makes up for some of the issues of using the D-pad to turn the camera.  I’ve always thought that Super Mario Sunshine and Kingdom Hearts had the worst camera implementation in these types of games and Epic Mickey hasn’t reached those depths of frustration yet.  More than anything, looking up and down is what becomes a bit of a chore as I’m getting accustomed to things.

Now that the camera woes are out of the way, I have to say that I really dig the gameplay thus far and I’m just scratching the surface. The jump mechanic feels good to me which is vital in an action/platformer and the Paint vs. Thinner mechanic is simple to use and fun. So far so good.  You have quests that you can do as well as collectibles that you can obtain.  Seems like there are some pretty cool extras that range from collectible pins that can be acquired by exploring areas using the Paint/Thinner mechanic, E-Tickets (not sure what these are for yet but they are the equivalent to collecting coins in Mario thus far) and film reels that seem to unlock animated shorts (I unlocked Mickey and the Beanstalk but haven’t checked to see if it’s the actual animated short or not).

I also did one of the side scrolling levels which was super simple, but fun. It helps to break up the pace of the game and it was really cool to see a 2D level themed after one of Mickey’s cartoon shorts.

Overall: I’m having a lot of fun with it, but I’m way too early to say anything definitively one way or another. I can say though that the game is a lot of fun so far and I’m looking forward to playing more.


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