The 10 Minute Review: Assassin’s Creed II

If there was a “Most Improved Series” award, this game would get it.  I’m a total completionist when it come sto games so I ended up getting all the feathers, codec pages, and viewpoints and 1000/1000 in achievements. My total playtime was just under 40 hours. Such an epic game that spanned over 20 years (game time). To me this is what I wanted out of Fable II. I liked Fable II, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. By the time I got to the crucible, I wanted the game to be over. I never had that feeling with AC II.

I liked the story although it got a little nutty at the end. With that said, thats part of the reason why I like the game so much. It’s a fairly unconventional story, and I’m glad they are taking risks with it.

Ezio as a character is more fleshed out compared to Altair.  I really enjoyed his hint of arrogance mixed with humor, just subtle enough to give him a personality of his own without coming off too strong.  I think part of the problem with Altair’s character is that he was so straightforward that he came off a bit vanilla.  There’s no such problem with Ezio.

Overall, the only real complaint I have is that the controls can get a little unwieldy at times. Considering how much control the game gives you as far as movement is concerned, I don’t give the game too much crap over it though. Sometimes it won’t jump where you want Ezio to jump and you’ll fall to your death a few times by accident, but it’s nothing major.

More than anything I’m really curious to see where the game is headed next. I thought that Italy would be a boring place to base a game before I played AC II but I ended up loving it. The mix of real life people and locales with Ubisoft’s fiction really made the game interesting and it was cool to see these real life buildings and be able to scale them and climb on them.


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