My Final Fantasy XIII Impressions

Graphics: Gorgeous.

Better than Killzone and Uncharted 2? Due to the vast difference in approach, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Does it really matter which one looks better though?  It looks great!

Final Fantasy always makes up whatever it lacked in tech with great art design. Also, the lip synching done very well so far which is impressive seeing this is coming from a Japanese developer whose primary language isn’t Engrish.

I’m also surprised that FFXIII runs automatically in 1080p on the PS3, one of the few I can think of. I think it’s only MGS4, Virtua Tennis, Ridge Racer, Wipeout Fury, and now FF XIII.

Sound: Great music so far. Typical FF-type music so far but WTF? Where’s the Final Fantasy fanfare theme when you beat an encounter? Nostalgia fail!

Gameplay: I have barely touched this system but I really like it so far. It’s quick and you really have to pay attention to what’s going on at all times.  I Just got to the point where they started rolling out the Paradigm Shifts and Crystarium stuff and it opens up a lot then.   This is also super streamlined as well.

I still need a lot of time and fight some tougher battles to test this battle system, but I really like it so far.  I just had a “lightbulb turns on over my head” moment with the battle system where I got one layer closer to really understanding it.  Good stuff so far.

Things I noticed: First of all, potions now fill the HP of all of your characters in the party which is different from previous games. Not only that, but you are automatically back at full HP after every encounter. Seems like these things were done to streamline the game, which I’m fine with.  Some might argue that it takes away some of the strategy, but it was more “busy work” than strategy so I’m fine to see it go.

Gripes: The camera gets a little wonky around tight spaces.  It has this momentum to it that throws me off when I’m using the R stick to move it around. It just feels off somehow.

Also, I wish the L stick had a little more analog to it.  As it stands, your character only has two speeds walk or run.  This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was a dedicated run button like there is in Lost Odyssey, but it throws me off after playing so many games with analog movement.

Overall, I’m really digging it so far.  Stay tuned for further impressions once I get farther into the game.


5 Responses to My Final Fantasy XIII Impressions

  1. I think I’m with you on everything so far. I’ve only found the time to play for about 2 hours, so I know I’m entirely still in the tutorial, but everything you’ve said seems right, down to the camera gripes.

    My roommate brought it back to blockbuster, though, so I’m gonna have to wait to get any farther! 😦

  2. John Nieves says:

    Just to prepare you for it, the tutorial last for a good 6-7 hours. I’m about 37 hours in and I stopped playing it. I need to go back to playing this!

  3. hah, I believe it!

    Is it around that standard 99-120 ish hours long? Or a bit shorter?

  4. John Nieves says:

    From what I’ve heard, you can beat the game in 60-80 hours, depending on if you do everything or not.

  5. huh, so a little shorter then. Probably a good thing, I put in like 120 hours to FF12 and never even beat it before my ps3 died and took all my saves with it.

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