Borderlands will blow your mind!

First of all, I love the concept of the boxart.  In a day and age where most box art is either boring, or just plain bad, Borderlands’ box art stands out.

Here is some media to give you an idea of how the game looks:

This reminds me of Fallout 3, except with genuinely great shooter gameplay and Diablo like loot-whoring for weapons and ammo.

  • Borderlands supports 1-4 players.
  • Borderlands is built from the ground up to be an intuitive co-operative experience for up to four players that rewards players who work together and invest in co-op skills. Split screen is also supported.
  • In this rpg shooter, choose one of four distinct characters, each with their own individual skill sets. As your character grows throughout this fast-paced FPS, you choose and customize your abilities to suit your style of play.
  • Jump behind the wheel and engage in high-speed vehicle-to-vehicle combat, complete with spectacular explosions and road-killed enemies.
  • Choose from literally hundreds of thousands of weapons, each with their own manufacturers, specifications, and advantages via a revolutionary content generation system.

I’m thinking of picking this up. Not 100% sure yet, but it looks like it could be lots of fun.


2 Responses to Borderlands will blow your mind!

  1. boomer3 says:

    Borderlands supports 2-4 player co-op but can also be played solo and sans internet connection.

  2. John Nieves says:

    Ah, I didn’t see that it said 2-4 players. I meant 1-4 players. 🙂

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