Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions

I’ve played both versions and they both have their strengths and weaknesses from a visual stand point. The 360 version seems to have a little bit smoother Anti-aliasing going on, but the PS3’s is about the same. I only noticed the difference because I was comparing between the two.

The PS3’s textures although not as smooth or Anti-aliased looked to be more detailed to me. Not only that, but the blacks seem to look A LOT better on PS3. I don’t know if some of the reason for it is that my PS3 is hooked up via HDMI and my 360 via VGA. So really it all depends on what you like better. I like the deeper blacks and slightly more detailed textures with slightly less anti-aliasing. That and the Joker DLC that’s coming out.  Here is comparison pics that I took between the two (click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Xbox 360 version

PS3 version

Xbox 360 version

PS3 version

PS3 version

The game is broken up between combat-centric and stealth-centric areas.  I love the stealth because it reminds me of MGS (one of my favorite series).  There are numerous ways to do the stealth-centric areas.  You can either stay up high and attack from above, use batarangs for longer range take downs, or sneak up from behind and take a more up close approach.

The combat feels a lot like Assassin’s Creed’s combat which I’m very happy to hear since I really enjoyed AC’s combat. You have punch, jump, counter, and cape stun at your disposal on each face button. When the enemy has an indicator on top of his head, that means he’s going to attack. It’s not rocket science but works well. One thing that really did impress me about the combat is how fluid it looks and how good it feels to pull moves off. You just feel like Batman when you are going from one goon to the next and countering people that attack you from behind. Overall, I’m really happy with the demo. This will be a day one purchase for me.


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