The 5 minute review: Watchmen: Director’s Cut (Bluray) WARNING SPOILERS

Alright, I’ve already reviewed the theatrical cut, which you can read the pros and cons of it HERE.  So this will be a short review of the Director’s Cut of the Bluray release.

First off, I think I prefer this director’s cut to the original although half of the added scenes are added violence (one which is fitting and the rest not really necessary) and the other half of the footage was mainly scene extensions that added a bit more detail to the story and added lines from the graphic novel.  Personally I prefer the DC, although it makes the film top the three hour mark.

The most important scene that was added was Hollis Mason’s death.  It was very well done, having Mason flashback and envision he was fighting his old enemies from his vigilante days as he fought for his life and ultimately died.

The bookend to that scene was Dreiberg’s reaction to the news of his good friend’s murder at the hands of knot tops while Rorschach was interrogating someone at a bar.  He basically sees a knot top at the bar that makes a comment he probably should have kept to himself considering that Dan just found out his friend was murdered which costs him an ass beating (as well as some of his teeth).  My favorite part of this scene was Rorschach’s unintentionally funny (or was it?) line; “Dan…not in front of the civilians.”  I believe this scene was lifted from the graphic novel.

Outside of the added footage, the quality of the audio and video is second to none.  I know a lot of people hate on Zack Snyder but I really dig his eye for visuals.  The movie looked gorgeous in theatres and looked incredible on my HDTV.

Audio was also crisp and clear with a punchy audio track that will give your setup a workout.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Director’s Cut and if you enjoyed the movie, I can’t imagine you liking this less.


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