Red Faction Guerrilla Demo = Awesome?

I downloaded the Red Faction Guerrilla demo on a whim…basically because I loved the first Red Faction on PS2 and thought to at least see what they’re doing with the license.  To put things into perspective, I was in the Red Faction Guerrilla Beta that took place late last year and thought the game played like crap and came away unimpressed.  So for this demo to impress me to the point that I’m posting on it here is something.


Remember how disappointed you were in GTAIV to realize that even though the game is “open world” there really is just one way to tackle a problem?  The linear nature of the missions really bummed me out because you couldn’t prepare things ahead of time (like a getaway car, or a boat for example) because once the mission was triggered it would wipe all your hard work off the area…lame!

Well this game remedies that a bit and although it’s not a complete departure from things, it leaves the gameplay open enough that you can tackle the same exact problem in different ways.  Here is an example from the demo.


Alright, the point of this mission is to kidnap this Walker vehicle for the Red Faction.  First, here is the more up front approach:


Part 1


Part 2


This approach got me killed a few times until it was successful since it was obviously a bit more risky.  Now let’s look at the more conservative, stealthier approach:



As you can see those are two slightly different approaches to the same mission.  I’m sure there are more, but I haven’t completely explored the demo and there is a timer once you leave a certain space of the map so there is a possibility that you can go all the way around and sneak around the back.  


For those of you wondering what happens once you kidnap the walker, here is a bonus video:



Eitherway, I thought the game is pretty cool and did you see that explosion at :17 in part 1 of the upfront approach?  Nice.


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