Attack of the licensed games!




It’s crazy to think that what is usually a point of contention might be one of this year’s high points for the videogame industry.  Although it’s too early to know for sure, it seems as though there will be three licensed games coming out throughout the summer that look to actually do the source material justice.

I’m still undecided as to whether I’m getting Ghostbusters or Batman on the 360 or PS3.  In Ghostbusters case, PS3 is lead platform, and there’s a big possibility that it will utilize the SIXAXIS controls while using proton packs which would be a lot of fun (they should really look to Folkore as inspiration).  

Batman: Arkham Asylum will supposedly have some kind of Joker challenge room DLC that will be exclusive to the PS3 version, and that will make me lean towards the PS3 if the game runs the same on both systems.  

As for the Wolverine game, it will all depend on which system it runs better for.  I have a feeling it might run better on Xbox 360, but I won’t know for sure until the game comes out.  Eitherway, the fact that I even have to make these kinds of decisions says a lot about how publishers and developers are looking at licensed games.  

Hopefully this will become more the trend rather than the exception.


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