Resident Evil 5 Impressions


I’m about halfway through Resident Evil 5 and thought to write a few impressions of the game I have so far.  

I was one of the first to complain about RE5’s controls but you know what?  After spending a significant amount of time with the game, I think the whole thing with the controls is a bit overblown.  While the controls do feel archaic and probably could stand to be different,  it’s not like the game is unplayable.   Quite the contrary, it’s still fun and looks beautiful. I will say that the game is totally meant to be played with another person though. AI Sheva has to be babysat to a degree and that can get annoying.  I did find that if you change Sheva’s actions from ACTION to COVER, she dies less often.

Sound is  pretty good, from hearing nearby zombies behind you via 5.1 DD to the voice acting, it really hasn’t disappoined so far.  The only voice that I’ve found can be annoying is Irving’s.  

Presentation is superb and has cutscenes that have show great direction.  Although the story is a bit subdued thus far, what they have shown has been good.  Looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanegans they pull in the second half of the game (i’m on Chapter 3-3 right now.  I find it kind of funny that Residetn Evil 5 looks better than Resident Evil: Degeneration…a movie that’s full on CG.  

What don’t I like?  Well lack of innovation for one.  One can argue that adding co-op is innovation and you’d be half right.  Although Co-op does add a lot to the experience,  the RE4 control scheme really has to go.  I can understand not being able to run and shoot but not being able to walk slowly or backwards and shoot or walk and reload??  Kind of ridiculous and kind of an old ploy to manufacture tension into the game.  

With all that said though, I have to admit that I’m really forward to playing Resident Evil 5 some more.  So far the game is a lot of fun and although it’s more action than survival-horror, it does a good job of keeping some tension as you play.


2 Responses to Resident Evil 5 Impressions

  1. Marc says:

    I would agree that the control scheme is pretty dumb (based on my experience with the demo), but that said, it still might be fun to play through it with another person. I might try renting it at some point to give the co-op mode a shot.

  2. John Nieves says:

    Everything is fun in Co-op! Seriously though, you start getting used to the controls for better or for worse and you start having fun with the game.

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