Some quick and dirty Killzone 2 impressions.

Mind you, this is only after playing the game for an hour and a half, but here are some quick impressions of the game:

– I don’t know if it’s just me, but the game looks a little better than it did in the demo. Then again, I changed the settings on my TV since I played the demo so that might have something to do with it.

-The controls are the same, but the sensitivity is adjustable if you found the default settings too slow.

– I already had a few LOL moments. One of the times that I died, Garza yelled out, “Sev? Sev? Seeeeeeeeev!?” LMAO . A MGS reference always gets a thumbs up in my book. Another time Garza yelled out “Brutal!” when I shot one guy with an RPG.

– Another “that was sort of cool” moment is when I was in front of a doorway, and I could tell there was a Helghast soldier on the other side of the doorway on the left side because he was standing in front of a light that illuminated his shadow and gave away his position. I got the jump on him and knifed his ass.

So far I’m enjoying myself


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