Street Fighter IV Impressions!


After putting a few hours into Street Fighter IV, I feel I’m in a better position to give some quick impressions. 

Graphics-  The game looks great.  Animations are smooth and don’t interfere with controller input or speed of the game and the character models are big, lively, and fully 3D.  There are some complaints out there regarding the art style of each character, but I like the art style that Capcom went with.  Backgrounds look vibrant and lively.  I will admit that there aren’t as many memorable backgrounds as there were in previous Street Fighter games (who could forget the guy choking the chicken in Chun Li’s state?) but the ones that are in the game look great.   

I do wish that the stages were a bit more synonimous with each individual character.  In SF II, you knew which stage belonged to which character…this isn’t the case in SF IV.  A small complaint but when a game is this good, you have to nitpick to find any flaws with the game.

Sound-  The theme song chosen for this game is…interesting to say the least, LOL.  It sounds like they got Backstreet Boys out of retirement to do it.  So yea, the poppy theme song is an odd choice but is the kind of song that you hate to get stuck in your head.  So far, the rest of the soundtrack is forgettable for the most part, but you can always use your own custom tunes if it bothers you that much.  

Gameplay- I’m really enjoying the game so far.  The Ultra combos can become game changers without being overly cheap and the new focus attacks feel like a natural progression of the game.  I love how accessible the game is to new people with just the right amount of skill required to keep the diehards interested.

Overall Impression-  I’m really enjoying the game so far.  Capcom did not disappoint with the 4th installment of this series.  It has just the right amount of old mixed with new.  I can’t wait to sink more time into it this weekend!


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