Killzone 2 Demo Impressions


Just played through the demo twice and came away quite impressed. Here are a few things that I noted:

  • The reactions the Helghast have when they get shot are great.  I had one guy that I shot in one side of his chest which caused him to spin around and then I shot him in his legs and his legs got swept out from under him. All of this happened all in one motion and it was very fluid
  • The graphics are amazing. The game really does a great job of capturing the chaos of war…more so than any other FPS since the Normandy intro in Medal of Honor: Frontline. I even played some COD4 right after just for perspective’s sake and although COD4 runs a little smoother, Killzone 2 looks significantly better.   The ground textures in the beginning part of the demo were noticeably worse than the rest of the graphics, but nothing that’s worth complaining about. 
  • As far as gameplay, I found the controls to feel natural after only a few minutes. I’ve heard complaints about the way the recoil works in this game, but I love the way the guns felt. They’ve got realistic recoil and are pretty accurate once you learn how to use them.   Whoever that Gamespot guy was saying the game was slow is full of shit. Not only does your character run at a fine pace, but it feels like he runs faster than your character in COD4. Not only that, but your character in Killzone 2 has a great feel of weight to him, especially when running around and jumping. Another thing worth noting is that they actually did something smart with the explosive barrels in one of the areas of the demo. I shot a container that was holding 4-5 of them, causing the explosive bottles to spill all over the floor. I did this to the 2-3 containers that were in the room. Then there is a huge barrell in the room that I shot that caused an explosion that was damn near the size of the room. I killed 5-6 Helghast with that explosion. 🙂
  •  Sound is great. If I have any complaint it’s that it was hard to make out what some of the characters were saying because of all the chaos going on around you.


Overall, I’m happy with the demo and all it did was convince me that I’ll enjoy Killzone 2 when it finally comes out.


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