I haven’t really posted about this since and it seems like I’m late to the party since I just started this blog, but I wanted to give my condolences to one of my favorite magazines that just closed its doors, EGM.  I have a lot of fond memories of bringing my latest issue to school so I can talk about it with my friends during lunch.  I literally grew up reading EGM and it’s sad to see such a prestigious magazine make it just short of its 20th anniversary.  You will be missed.


4 Responses to R.I.P, EGM

  1. Marc says:

    I haven’t seen that image before…pretty cool. The first issue I owned was the one at row 8, column 10 (the Samus one), but before that I used to read it at the library. The magazine was HUGE in those days, and the Halo issue three to the right of the Samus one is thicker than some of the books I have on my bookshelf. It’s been sad to see it grow thinner over the years, and of course it’s an even bigger shame to see it shutting down altogether now.

  2. John Nieves says:

    I totally agree. The first issue I read of the magazine was the Super Star Wars one, which is on the second row, third to last issue on the right. Back in the day, each issue was like a phonebook! I remember them having the arcade section and Trickman Terry section….and who could forget Sushi-X!

    I know that print media is on its way out, but I really wish they would have kept the magazine going.

    PS: I have a bigger higher res picture of that image if you want it.

  3. Marc says:

    I got to a bigger version by right-clicking the one in your post and copy/pasting the URL. If you have one that’s even better than that, though, I’d love to see it. In that case feel free to email me or just post it on IGN.

  4. John Nieves says:

    There was an even bigger version. I emailed it to you…enjoy. 🙂

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